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In the waist band carry (IWB)
The IWB holster is worn in the 4 o'clock position for right handed and 8 o'clock for left handed. This can also be worn on the strong side as well.

Out of the waist band carry (OWB)
The OWB is a complete Kydex holster and is worn outside of the pants. It is available in two different colors (Dark OD green and black, the back of the holster will always be black). Belt clips are available in two different sizes:(1.5" to 1.75" and a 2.0") Belt clips are available in three different colors (skull, green digital camo and pink digital camo) note the Kydex and belt loop colors along with the belt loop sizes in the comment box when ordering.

Appendix Carry (APX):
This holster is worn in the front of pants area. Usually at the 1 to 2 o'clock position for right handed and 10 to 11 o'clock for left handed. Or can be worn in the IWB positions as well. The firearm is straight up and down. You can add cant by adjusting it in your pants. These are typical for the sub-compact to compact frames. (shown with a Glock 22)

Elite RCL Holsters (ELT)
These are the Elite models of RCL line of Holsters. These holsters come as the IWB style and in tan only. They have dyed black trim around the edges. They are also engraved with names and/or logos. Place the name in the comment box when ordering. note: please stay within 5-10 letters as space is limited. Email your logo to rcleanholsters@gmail.com
Famous people as Rob Pincus and Hickok 45 get these Elite RCL holsters.

RCL Zombie Holster (ZOM)

Be Prepared for the Zombies with this limited edition "RCL ZOMBIE HOLSTER".
This holster comes as the IWB style. Available in Tan or Black Leather and your name or nickname stamped in. They are all equipped with the biohazard logo in red. Please leave your name or nickname in the comment section of the order form.

Models Available:

* Beretta PX4 Storm (Full size or Compact)

* Glock - 17-19-22-23-26-27-31-32-33-36-37-38-39

* Ruger - SR9 - SR40 - SR45 - SR9C - SR40C

* Sig Sauer P220 - P225 - P226 - P228 - P229

* Sig Sauer P250 Compact with tactical rail in all calibers - (40) (357) (45) (9)

* Sig Sauer P250 Sub-Compact all calibers - (40) (357) (45) (9)

* Springfield XD - Compact or Sub-compact in calibers - (40) (357) (9)

* Springfield XDM - Compact or Sub-compact - all calibers except .45

* Springfield XDS  (9mm & 45) 3.3 - 4.0

* Smith & Wesson M&P's - Compact or Sub-compact - all calibers

* Smith and Wesson M&P Shield

* Smith & Wesson SD9VE - SD40VE - SD9 - SD40

* Taurus PT145 - .45 cal with tactical rail. (not the G2)

* Taurus PT111 - 9mm without tactical rail

* Walther PK380 - PPQ M2

Coming soon:
Taurus 24/7  Generation 2
Single stack magazine holders

* Black Kydex no charge ----------------------(see media page for color)
* Pink Kydex add $4.00------------------------(see media page for color)
* Green Zombie add $4.00--------------------(see media page for color)
* OD dark green add $4.00--------------------(only for the OWB Holsters)
* Pink Digital Camo Kydex add $6.00--------(see media page for info)
* Green Digital Camo Kydex add $6.00------(see media page for color)
* Skull Kydex add $7.00------------------------(see media page for color)
* Combat Cut add $7.00------------------------(see media page for info)
* Stamped Name add $10.00------------------(Enter name on the order form)

Blue Guns:
Don't see your gun model. If you don't mind waiting a little longer (2 days). After payment is received I will order the Blue gun for molding. (If it's Available)

Have a laser or light you want a holster with, just ship the laser/light to me and ill mold around it to fit in your holster. Some additional cost may be applied. ($12.00)

Holster Care:
If firearm becomes more loose than normal, some adjustment on Kydex maybe needed.
1. Use a hair dryer to heat the front side of the Kydex for a few minutes. (until movable)
2. Place firearm back in the holster.
3. Using a towel, apply pressure to front of holster while on a flat surface. (for a few minutes)

* Belt clip screws may need tightening and checking periodically.
* Do not leave holster in high heat for long periods of time. (Automobile)

Please feel free to contact me for any questions regarding your orders or general questions any time by:
Email - rcleanholsters@gmail.com
Text - 615-295-9196 (best way to contact me)
Phone - 615-295-9196

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